Ambulance Service

Edhi Land Rescue vehicle Administration was at first begun by including a second hand Hillman Pickup Truck and that was renovated into the primary rescue vehicle, consequently instituting "Unfortunate Patient Emergency vehicle". Presently sixty years later, the Edhi emergency vehicle has reached to the phase of biggest armada of ambulances on the planet, consequently giving a tempting number of ambulances — like 1800 vehicles, all around our nation - Pakistan.

Air Ambulance Services

Edhi Air Emergency vehicle Administration have 2 airplanes and 1 helicopter to give help and help during the cataclysmic events, with a view give transport administrations to the abandoned or the individuals who are harmed and promptly shift to the close by medical clinic, during any normal regular fiasco.

Edhi Marine Ambulance Service

Edhi Marine Emergency vehicle Administration has 28 salvage boats to give help and looking through individuals from the flood impacted regions as well as recuperating of the suffocated individuals on ocean side of Bedouin sea, etc.

Edhi Marine Ambulance Service

In this morgue, there was space to keep just 16 final resting places, however at this point 30 caskets can be kept all the while, as these heirless dead bodies which as a rule are unidentifiable who have either killed because of greater mishaps, or bomb impact, or terminating.

These caskets are saved for 3-4 days in the funeral home, and afterward they are covered appropriately showing their own profile date on the tin-record at the cemetery with the goal that it very well may be simpler to look and track down by their main beneficiaries.

From 1986 to 2008, these unclaimed caskets were covered in the Edhi cemetery. At the point when no space is left to cover any more dead bodies, then a plot estimating to 10 sections of land were again bought in 2008 where the heirless remaining parts are being covered there till to date.

In the Edhi Memorial park, on normal 250 to 350 unclaimed dead bodies are being covered on month to month premise. For the internment of a heirless final resting place, on normal Rs.6000/ - costs do happen. Yearly in excess of 8000 unclaimed final resting places are being covered, and the cost comes to the tune of Rs.8000/ - per casket. As per the record, in Edhi Mwach Goth Cemetery, 96000 unclaimed dead bodies have been covered till now.