Edhi Animal Hostel

Edhi homes initially were established with an aim of providing services to the people who are disabled, distressed, and disadvantaged people of our society. Later on, it was realized that animals also needed shelter and support. As according to our information, it was known that the animals are subject to torture by their owners. Due the brutal attack of the owners, the animals were resulting into crippling or wounding or end up at Edhi Centres. Even the missing animals as well as abandoned house pets were given shelter by Edhi Foundation.

By looking into the increasing number of this sort of animals, our Foundation developed a separate shelter zone for the animals to provide treatment and food to animals. This shelter zone for animals has reached to the stage of zoo. The animals are being treated and looked after by veterinary doctors and volunteer staff stationed at super highway, Karachi. Another facility centre for animals is opened at Korangi Karachi. These animals included—such as monkeys, deers, mules, cats, peacocks coupled with domestic birds.