Ingredients of Current Resources

Problems faced by the developed and the developing countries in the area of Wellbeing services demand radically different approaches. Whereas, the developed countries are putting the responsibility primarily on the government, the developing countries are struggling to mobilise their own resources or look for foreign assistance for this purpose.

At best, it is to be hoped that there could be co-ordinated efforts between the private and the public sector for provision of the needed Wellbeing services through the most economical and effective use of financial, human and technical resources. Edhi Foundation has been successful in developing a model of Wellbeing services in a large number of areas where the Foundation supplements and supports the government system by mobilising community resources without burdening the public exchequer.

In actual practice, the organisational set-up of the Foundation has been constantly in the process of shaping itself to suit the requirements of its ever expanding network of services. Being outside the formal bureaucratic set up, it has the plasmatic flexibility to mould itself in response to the exigencies of the situation.


Edhi foundation is run entirely with the help of volunteers. There are round six thousand volunteers, comprising of zonal heads, workers at several Edhi Homes, clerks at Edhi Centers, workers at maternity homes and ambulance drivers.


Voluntary donation from individuals ranging from Rs. 5 to many hundreds of thousand of rupees, support the foundation’s activities, the emphasis is on individuals social masses contribution are also made in form of food, clothing medicines and animal hides.  read more


Management of all funds is centralized and remains in the exclusive controls of Edhi with his son Faisal Edhi and Daughter Kubra Edhi who are personally involved in all operations of the foundation. They are also responsible national and international fund-raising. Edhi himself drives an ambulance, makes fund of the city and goes for surprise checks of    read more